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vitality "Old" youthful

Art of Spagyric Preparation for medicine

Small Batch Extraction | Top Shelf Organic

The Old Seed is an Online Apothecary dedicated to infusing top shelf hemp extracts into botanical skin care salves, serums, and revitalizing skin lotion | Optimize long term health benefits of botanical hemp infusions Specialized in CBD tinctures of all types

Custom Formulations of botanical extracts

Immune BoostingMedicinal Mushrooms


What does Old mean to you?

Unlock YourPotential

"You have genetics already wired to heal"


"An all encompassing look at wellness"


"Combine ancient and new wisdom to uncover truth of self improvement, self reliance, and ultimately your potential for resilience to an aging body"

"This is not a linear western approach

This is not only using old methods

This is the evolution of your Mind Body and Soul through tapping in to the mystery of why you are you"

"You are the old seed"

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